• 99% Potassium Fluoride(spray)
  • Nature:

    Potassium fluoride is colorless cubic crystal or white powder,soluble in water, alkaline, insoluble in ethanol, easy to absorb moisture and irritation.At 42℃,KF•2H2O. water soluble 92g/100ml C=18 C is easy to form.The melting point is 858℃,the boiling point is 1502℃,the density is 2.48g/cm3。

  • Application
  • Product Specifications

    1. The synthesis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dye intermediatesand fine chemicals.

    2. Used as metal smelting and welding auxiliaries

    3. Plating process includes pretreatment and electroplating.During the pretreatment process, potassium fluoride is mainly used for neutraletching.4. In the glass carving industry, potassium fluoride and ammoniumfluoride, ammonium fluoride, sulfuric acid and so on are used to engrave glass,the principle of which is the same as ammonium fluoride and ammonium fluoride,but softer than ammonium fluoride.

    Package: 25Kg paper bags with pallet.